Greek arrested in Cyprus over letter bomber’s ‘revolutionary fund’


A 23-year-old Greek doing his military service in Cyprus has been arrested in Nicosia as part of an ongoing investigation by authorities in Athens into the so-called “revolutionary fund,” which is believed to have bankrolled a series of letter-bomb attacks last year.

The 23-year-old was being held in Paphos on Tuesday where judicial authorities ordered his extradition to Greece, where he faces charges of funding a terrorist organization and money-laundering.

His arrest is part of an ongoing investigation into the activities and connections of Constantinos Giatzoglou, a 29-year-old man accused of sending the letter bomb that seriously injured former prime minister Lucas Papademos and others to 10 European officials in the period between March and May 2017.

According to investigators, the 23-year-old and another 14 suspects had paid money into an account opened by Giatzoglou under a bogus name at Western Union, from which he made several withdrawals.