Amendment aims to secure release of two Greek soldiers


A legislative amendment approved in Parliament on Wednesday is aimed at facilitating the release of two Greek soldiers who have been in prison in Edirne since early March after accidentally crossing the border into Turkey in bad weather.

The amendment, which was submitted by Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, approves the disbursement of a stipend for the soldiers of the type given to members of the armed forces posted abroad.

As recipients of the stipend, the soldiers are regarded as having a permanent address in Turkey, a fact which Greek authorities hope will overcome Turkish objections to releasing the men.

Following their arrest, Turkish judicial authorities declared that the Greek soldiers cannot be released because they have no permanent residence in Turkey and could try to leave the country before their trial.

They have yet to be formally charged with anything.

In a separate development on Wednesday, Turkish fighter jets violated Greek air space in the Aegean.