Orban calls for mass returns of migrants to Greece


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Thursday called for undocumented migrants to be returned to Greece, noting that it is the first country of arrival even if all migrants are not registered there. 

He described himself as a "captain" of border protection, shielding both Hungary and Germany, but acknowledged that Budapest and Berlin have different stances on migration. 

"Germany and Hungary see the world differently," he said during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.  

While claiming to be open to discussions with EU counterparts, Orban said his position on migration has not changed over the past three years.

"We only know one solution: close the borders," he said, adding that if Europe offers support to refugees, it will be taken as an invitation.

"If people can come, they will come," he said.

He noted that that Hungary has deployed thousands of police and troops to prevent migrants from entering the bloc through its southern border.

"The issue is not only security but to allow the operation of the internal market that is protected by Schengen," he said.