Gov’t rejects proposal for Greeks abroad to be able to vote in elections


The government has effectively rejected a proposal by opposition New Democracy to amend voting laws so that Greeks living overseas can participate in general elections.

Interior Minister Panos Skourletis on Friday submitted an amendment calling for a 12-member committee to be formed that will in turn set up “working groups” within the next six months that will be responsible for discussing the issue.

Speaking on behalf of the conservative party that submitted the original proposal, lawmaker Makis Voridis accused the government of procrastination and called on a decision to settle the issue.

“Greeks abroad, both those who left a while ago and those who left the country more recently, are anticipating [the measure],” he said.

“We do not accept piecemeal actions. Have the courage to make it happen; it’s the mature thing to do,” Voridis added, addressing representatives of ruling SYRIZA during a discussion of a committee responsible for new measures governing local authorities.