Unions on collision course with transport authorities


STASY, Athens’s fixed-track public transport system, has warned labor unions it will take legal action to stop repeated strikes in order to protect commuters from further inconvenience.

“[We] will pursue every legal means available to stop the inconveniencing of commuters,” STASY said in a statement.

Its warning followed an announcement this week by the metro drivers union that it is planning to hold another work stoppage in coming days so it can convene a meeting to decide whether to call another 24-hour strike. Metro drivers are protesting against a lack of spare parts and staff shortages.

However, various transport unions have come under attack for allegedly calling strikes without consulting their members – prompting charges that a majority is no longer needed to call a strike.

Critics point to recent work stoppages in which less than half of employees took part. Reportedly, STASY plans to take legal action in case of 24-hour strikes but not work stoppages.