ND to approve amendment on Athens constituency segmentation


Main opposition New Democracy is said to approve an amendment on the segmentation of constituencies in the Greek capital, included in a bill submitted by the government.

Party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to make the announcement this afternoon, during his speech at the Parliament plenum where the bill aimed at overhauling the governance of Greece’s local authorities is being debated.

The bill will fragment the Attica Region and the Athens B constituency – the largest in Greece.

Mitsotakis has been briefing his MPs during the day on his decision and asking them to inform the party in which constituency they prefer to run, sources said.

Final decisions, however, will be taken by the party.

If ND agrees on the change, the draft bill, dubbed Kleisthenis 1, will secure the 200-vote majority required by law to ratify the amendment and apply the changes in the next local elections.