‘Stolen’ bike leads to three robbery arrests

Three Albanian immigrants, including a 17-year-old youth, were arrested on Saturday on suspicion of having mounted a bloody armed robbery at an Athens work site on Friday. Police said the three suspects – whose names were not made public – had kept their alleged victim, work site manager Giorgos Nafpliotis, 40, under surveillance prior to the heist, following him to a local bank where he went to withdraw cash for his workers’ weekly wage payments. The moment Nafpliotis entered the work site at 41 Aegaiou Street with the cash in a briefcase, the robbers rushed in after him, shot him once in the leg and escaped on a rented motorbike. To cover their tracks, the three had filed a declaration with the police shortly before the heist, claiming that the motorbike had been stolen. But this aroused suspicion, and eventually led to their arrest.