Wife of Tsochatzopoulos walks free after denying link to bribery case


Viki Stamati, the wife of former minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos walked free from court Thursday after facing an investigating magistrate in connection with another bribery case.

She denied any connection to a bribe of 664,349 euros which the 78-year-old Tsochatzopoulos was alleged to have been paid for defense contracts and to have subsequently invested in a life insurance policy in Switzerland.

Last week, Tsochatzopoulos, a one-time political heavyweight, denied any link to the contract and was released after posting bail. He was also banned from leaving the country. Stamati was granted early release last year from an eight-year sentence for money laundering.

Her husband was convicted in 2013 to 19 years in prison for corruption, but was granted early release at the beginning of July.