Opposition chief visits fire-ravaged east Attica town


New Democracy chief Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday visited the eastern Attica area where wildfires have claimed some 60 lives so far and met with officials at Pikermi-Rafina Town Hall.

The conservative leader was briefed on the current situation in the area, where rescue and firefighting efforts are still under way, and there are fears of more casualties.

Local officials also told Mitsotakis that it is yet too early to know the exact number of homes and other properties that were damaged and to what extent.

Responding to concerns that the damage will be extensive, Mitsotakis vowed to make every possible effort to ensure that families and individuals who lost their homes will have somewhere to live. He also met with the head of Greece's municipal authorities, Yiannis Patoulis, and asked for the help of local authorities in the broader Attica area on this issue.

Leaving the town hall, Mitsotakis spoke with representatives of the Red Cross and the fire service.