Doctor shortages hit Greek islands particularly hard


The doctor shortages that are hampering the operation of hospitals are particularly acute on the islands which are busier than usual during the peak tourist season.

The medical center on Paros, whose population of 15,000 doubles in the summer, is staffed by just three doctors. “To cover demand we have to bring another medic from Antiparos for a few days a month,” an employee of the Paros medical center told Kathimerini.

“There have been occasions where they needed a doctor on Antiparos but he was here.” 

Tinos, another popular island which is particularly busy at this time of year, has three doctors on rotation. 

On Corfu, whose 110,000-strong population quadruples in the summer, two doctors quit due to the pressure.

The union of Aegean island health center staff sent the national federation of Greek hospital workers a report detailing the shortages before the summer calling for action.