Zaev says Wikileaks cable additional reason to approve name deal


The revelations in a Wikileaks document released on Monday, according to which the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) would have accepted the name North Macedonia back in 2008, provided that Greece recognized a Macedonian language and identity, are one more reason for FYROM citizens to vote “Yes” in the upcoming referendum on the name deal, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Tuesday.

“Part of the name solution and its erga omnes use was accepted, both for North and Upper Macedonia,” Zaev told reporters. “I am pleased that we have received confirmation of our identity, the Macedonian language, which was an important objective of the negotiating team."

“I believe this evidence will be another reason for us to stand together and secure Macedonia's future,” he added.

FYROM is set to vote on September 30 on its agreement with Greece achieved back in June to call the country North Macedonia. The vote will affect the country's prospects to join NATO and the European Union.