Three arrested over Rouvikonas raid on ministry


Three suspects among 10 remanded into custody have been arrested in connection with a raid claimed by anarchist group Rouvikonas on the Ministry of Agricultural Development in Thessaloniki on Thursday.

According to an announcement on Friday, the first of the three suspects is an Iraqi national who was arrested after police found a small quantity of illegal drugs in his possession; the second is a Greek who is charged with resisting arrest; and the third is a Pakistani national who could not produce valid travel papers and now faces deportation. 

Thursday's action involves around 15 individuals wearing hoods to hide their identities barging into the building at 2 p.m. and scattering fliers across every floor of the ministry with anti-austerity slogans.

Earlier on Thursday another similar action had been held at the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, though it is not clear whether the same group was involved.