KINAL chief slams Tsipras as ‘unrepentant and provocative’


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been “unrepentant and provocative” in his appearances at the Thessaloniki International Fair, where he gave a keynote speech on Saturday and is answering questions from the press on Sunday, Movement for Change (KINAL) chief Fofi Gennimata said.

The leftist prime minister has made it a political habit to pedal “poverty and crumbs” to the people so as to cultivate the impression that they need him, the center-right opposition leader told Skai on Sunday.

Ruling SYRIZA, Gennimata added, is a party of “opportunists” who govern for their own gain, without caring genuinely about the people and “making promises of handouts that ensuing governments will have to implement.”

On indications from the leftist-led government that pension cuts mandated by creditors starting from next year may be scrapped, Gennimata said that Tsipras “is bound by the decisions he has made and the memorandum he signed.”