Zaev drumming up support for ‘yes’ vote in FYROM name referendum


The government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is trying to encourage a high turnout for the September 30 referendum on the name deal with Greece, amid concerns that if it is less than 50 percent it may undermine a positive outcome.

Apart from touring the country to drum up support, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has also received serious backing from European leaders and officials, most recently German Foreign Affairs Minister Heiko Maas, who was in Skopje on Tuesday as part of a mini-Balkan tour that ends in Athens on Thursday.

A FYROM public opinion poll yesterday showed support for the “yes” camp inching up to 51.1 percent against 48.9 percent for a “no” vote.

Zaev has also been engaging voters via social media, with a recent message saying that “compromise is necessary for positive change.”