Police arrest suspect in rape of young woman in western Athens


Greek police arrested and led before a prosecutor on Friday a 60-year-old man as the suspected perpetrator in the rape of a young woman in Zefyri, western Athens, last week.

The 22-year-old woman, who is believed to be Roma, was found unconscious in the street and remains hospitalised at Nikaia General Hospital near Piraeus.

According to police sources, authorities were led to the suspect after the victim testified she was raped when she went with a friend to Zefyri to find drugs.

She said they ended up in the suspect’s house but her friend left for three hours. When he returned, he found the woman in a bad state and called an ambulance.

Police identified the suspect through a DNA test. The 60-year-old man had been arrested again in 2017 for raping a drug addict but had been released on bail.