French ambassador to FYROM says ‘choice is between North Macedonia and North Korea’


French Ambassador to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Christian Thimonier has urged the people of the Balkan country to approve the name change deal in the September 30 referendum, saying that “the choice is between North Macedonia and North Korea.”

“I've been talking with Macedonians and I know this is not easy but they should all think about the next generations. Maybe [I am being] too straightforward but I'll tell you: The choice is between North Macedonia and North Korea. You should know what to choose,” Thimonier said during a debate on Friday, according to a report by FYROM’s state-run MIA news agency.

“I believe Macedonians are able to make sacrifices and now they have a real opportunity… to demonstrate that,” he was quoted as saying.

Speaking at the same debate, French diplomat Alain Le Roy said that although the agreement signed with Greece in June was “not perfect,” there was nevertheless “unanimous support” for the deal.

Le Roy said that French President Emmanuel Macron was on Saturday expected to support the name deal in a recorded video message.