Decision on Greek pensions expected in December, says Eurozone official


The decision on whether nor not to withhold new cuts in Greek pensions will probably be taken at the Eurogroup meeting in December, as part of the discussions on member-states' 2019 draft budget plans, a senior Eurozone official said on Monday.

“The decision will be taken in the context of the revision of the member-states' budget plans that will be submitted by October 15. It will be followed by the opinion of the Commission and then it will be discussed at the Eurogroup, possibly at the meeting in December, as the one in November is too soon,” he told journalists ahead of the October 1 Eurogroup, in Luxembourg.

Concerning pension cuts, he said “it is not yet clear” what will happen and it will be discussed when there is a “full picture.”

He added Greece will not be in the agenda but the issue may be discussed on the sidelines of the meeting.

The institutions have briefed the representatives of the Eurozone finance ministers on the post-bailout mission to Athens earlier this month and the next step will be for Greece to send its proposals on next year's budget.