Top court prosecutor switches gears on deadly fire probe after criticism


Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou on Tuesday back-pedalled on her request to delay the completion of a report on the deadly blaze in east Attica until the General Inspector of Public Administration has sent her separate findings, after facing intense criticism.

The head of Athens’ Prosecutors office Ilias Zagoraios had, reportedly, been wrapping up the investigation and was preparing to summon officials to give testimony.

Sources from the prosecutor’s office clarified on Tuesday that Dimitriou’s request was not intended to freeze the ongoing investigation into the deaths of 99 people in the seaside town of Mati in late July, but simply to inform Zagoraios that there is another report on the way by inspector Maria Papaspyrou which he should take into account.

Dimitriou also informed Zagoraios, whose tenure is ending this month, that he will remain in place until the investigation is completed, although he will no longer head the prosecutor’s office as his replacement has already been elected.