Municipality takes action to evict police from Amydaleza


The Municipality of Acharnes in eastern Attica has begun procedures to evict Greek police from a piece of land in the area of Amygdaleza which currently hosts police academy facilities and a detention center for undocumented migrants.

According to documents produced by Acharnes Mayor Yiannis Kassavos, the Athens Appeals Court had ruled in 1991 that the 36.3 hectares in question – part of a larger, 5,200-hectare piece of land – should be handed back to its legal owner, the municipality.

The ruling was never implemented, prompting the municipality to take legal action in 2013. However, a compromise was struck in 2015 whereby the police would pay the municipality 550,000 euros a year over a 15-year period.

Kassavos told Skai on Tuesday that none of that money has been paid.