Three arrested for running academic racket


A college professor and two suspected accomplices at a private cramming school have been arrested in northern Greece by the police's Internal Affairs Division for allegedly running an academic racket.

According to an announcement on Tuesday, the three suspects promised better grades to students seen by the professor as unlikely of passing their college exams, in exchange for money paid ostensibly to cover the cost of classes at the cramming school or for unpaid labor at a certain private business.

Skai TV also suggested that accusations have been made by female students at the college claiming the professor demanded sex in exchange for a passing grade.

Searches of the suspects' homes turned up more than 178,000 euros in cash as well as evidence of deposits of around 140,000 euros in a bank abroad. Officers also seized 15 mobile phones, and several computers and hard drives that are being searched by investigators.

Sources have suggested that the professor worked at the Technical College (TEI) of Serres.