Extension granted for reduced fare tickets, but issue of tourists unresolved


Beneficiaries of a 50-percent reduction on public transport, like students and over-65s, have another week to obtain a personalized travel card as the Athens transport authority (OASA) tries to phase out the widespread use of non-personalized tickets non-beneficiaries.

OASA had given an October 1 deadline by which commuters entitled to reduced fares on the Athens metro, ISAP electric railway, tram, buses and trolley buses would have to stop using the simple paper tickets dispensed by automatic tellers and obtain a plastic card containing their photograph and personal details.

The aim of the scheme is to crack down on fare dodgers using these tickets without being entitled to the reduction.

However, the measure does not account for the millions of commuters in the Greek capital from other parts of the country and tourists who are entitled to the reduction but do not have the papers or the time to obtain a personalized card.

OASA said that it will be working out some kind of system to accommodate this category of traveler, though nothing appears to be in the pipeline just yet.