Serres professor accused of bribery, blackmail jailed pending trial


A professor who worked at the Technical College (TEI) of Serres and a suspected accomplice who owns a private cramming school in the same city in northern Greece were jailed pending trial on charges of bribery and blackmail on Friday.

According to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) the two suspects allegedly promised better grades to students viewed by the professor as unlikely to pass their college exams, in exchange for money.

Students reportedly paid 250 to 300 euros to pass his course, while some female students have claimed he asked for sexual favors in exchange for a passing grade.

ANA-MPA also revealed that people in Serres knew about his alleged transgressions but no one had ever filed a complaint against him.

Searches of the suspects’ homes earlier this week turned up more than 178,000 euros in cash as well as evidence of deposits of around 140,000 euros in a bank abroad.