Cannabis industry takes hit after large-scale robbery


Police in Attica are investigating the robbery of hundreds of trees from two industrial cannabis plots in the area of Koropi within the space of a month.

In early September, robbers removed 800 trees of the Tiborszallasi variety from a plot in Aghia Marina, while another 400 of the Finola and the Silvana varieties went missing from another field just a few hundreds meters away last Tuesday.

“It is a big disappointment,” said Krista Pappa, one of the owners of the Kannabishop company, whose plot was robbed on Tuesday.

“This act was not just a robbery but a stain on the field which is only just being developed after a 20-year struggle,” she said.

Pappa and co-owner Argyris Moutzouris were among those who were at the forefront of a campaign pushing for the legislative changes that allowed the cultivation of industrial cannabis.