Kotzias: Friendly policy towards Turkey is not a sign of weakness


Greek foreign policy is dictated by a sense of “responsibility and confidence” and the country's will to resolve tensions with Turkey should not be viewed as a sign of weakness, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias reportedly told Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram, ahead of the tripartite summit with Egypt and Cyprus in Crete on Wednesday.

“The problem with Turkey is that it often ignores the fact that our friendly policy and our intention to work to reduce tensions is not a sign of weakness,” he was quoted as saying by the paper.

Commenting on Wednesday's summit, Kotzias said the three countries are cooperating to form a “breakwater” against increased instability in the region.

“Greece and Egypt are two very important energy and transit hubs from East to West. I am certain that the complementary capabilities offered by our two countries will further highlight the importance of the Eastern Mediterranean for world trade, as well as global energy security,” he added.

Kotzias also spoke about the recent discovery of energy fields in Egypt, Israel and Cyprus saying they "highlight the importance of the Eastern Mediterranean for Europe's energy security.”

He expressed certainty that despite the "continual challenges and obstacles raised by third countries,” the use of gas deposits will be carried out in a way that “will safeguard the rights of the countries that hold sovereign rights over their natural resources.”