Fringe groups spar over use of room at university faculty


A far-right group called Greek Socialist Resistance (ESA) on Friday spray-painted a swastika on the door of a room at the University of Athens’s Philosophy School previously occupied by anarchist collective Rouvikonas and threw fliers around the building’s premises. 

Last week, Rouvikonas started holding meetings in the room in an apparent bid to promote its agenda and recruit students. 

“This morning, cowardly Nazis belonging to the Greek Socialist Resistance went to… the room where Rouvikonas’s student group is housed and painted swastikas,” Rouvikonas said on a website. 

“With the artistic intervention at [Rouvikonas’s] rogue meeting place and the fliers thrown… we clarify that the government watchdogs who pretend to be anti-authoritarian… have no place in academic institutions,” ESA responded. The rector’s office at the university said it “strongly condemns” the actions and called on ESA to “steer clear” of the school and Rouvikonas to cease its activities.