FYROM rejects Russian claim of US rigging parliamentary vote


The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has strongly rejected the claim made by Russia on Monday that the US rigged last Friday’s parliamentary vote which approved amendments to the Balkan country’s constitution that will allow it to change its name as part of name deal signed with Greece.

In a statement, FYROM’s Foreign Ministry said it considers the claim as “completely unfounded and untrue.”

It added that the Russian assertion was aimed at compromising a “political process of historic significance for Macedonia and its citizens.”

Moscow said on Monday that the US ambassador to FYROM “orchestrated” the vote rigging.

A US State Department official Tuesday rejected the claim as a lie, adding that Washington supports the agreement as a historic opportunity to promote stability, security and prosperity in the region.

The name deal paves the way for FYROM to join NATO, which is something vehemently opposed by Moscow.