Cancer patients’ Games ordeal?

Thousands of cancer patients may be barred from undergoing potentially lifesaving radiation therapy as a side-effect of Olympic security arrangements, according to a report in Saturday’s Eleftherotypia daily. The paper quoted the head of the Institute for Nuclear Technology, Michalis Antonopoulos, as saying police officials and major hospitals have struck a deal not to give cancer patients treatment with radioactive isotopes until after September 20 – unless they sign a waiver that they may be subjected to tests in the context of Olympic security. The authorities will be deploying radiation detectors at airports, harbors and border crossings to counter the threat of a terrorist attack using radioactive material. Handheld devices will also be used. A police spokeswoman told Agence France-Presse that specially trained officers would be able to determine on the spot whether people setting off radiation detectors are true medical cases.