Turkey says will not take advise from Greece on EEZ delimitation


Turkey said on Friday it does not need lessons from Greece on how to delimitate an exclusive economic zone (EEZ), as the spat between the two countries over an announcement last week by Greece's former foreign minister that Athens is ready to extend its western territorial waters to 12 nautical miles continued.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hami Aksoy said Turkey will continue to act “in line with the equitable principles and all relevant special circumstances.”

“In this vein, there is no advice that we would get from Greece with regard to the delimitation techniques within the framework of international law,” he added.

On Thursday, the Greek Foreign Ministry described Turkey as a “violator of international law,” saying that the delimitation of the country's EEZ shall be determined on the basis of international law and “certainly not by taking into account nonexistent and arbitrary theories adopted by Turkey.”