Shipping bonds unite Greece and Norway

No matter how the media, particularly the tabloid press, try to keep alive the living legends about various royal families, the truth is that these days kings and queens are very different beings than the ones we read about in fairy tales. This is particularly true of King Harald V and Queen Sonia of Norway, with whom Kathimerini talked last week in Oslo on the eve of their visit to Greece, which began yesterday. In Oslo, a representative of Norway’s Foreign Ministry came to call for us at our hotel in the city center and suggested we walk to the palace, which she said was just 10 minutes away on foot, through a leafy, spotlessly clean city. On arrival at the palace, we were told we would have 20 minutes with the royal couple, and NET television’s Pavlos Tsimas another 20 minutes. King Harald, a tall and athletic man, welcomed us with the elegant and very friendly Queen Sonia. King Harald spoke of the strong bonds, former and present, between his country and Greece in the shipping sector.