Prosecutor in FYROM launches probe into Ivanov over name deal


A prosecutor in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) launched on Tuesday a preliminary investigation into President Gjorge Ivanov's refusal to sign off on a law approving a deal signed with Greece on the country's name and a separate one extending the official use of the Albanian language.

The country's news agency MIA reported that the move came after two anonymous reports.

“We have asked for information from the Parliament and the president's office over the dates these decisions were adopted and the reasons why they have not been signed,”the prosecutor's office was quoted as saying by MIA.

Ivanov has repeatedly refused to sign the Prespes accord agreed with Athens last June to end the decades-old dispute and open the way for FYROM's inclusion in NATO and the EU.

Last month, FYROM's Parliament approved the constitutional amendments that form part of the deal but more rounds of voting are required to complete the procedure.