Professors seek meeting with PM over campus lawlessness


The union representing university professors (POSDEP) on Wednesday sought a meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to discuss the growing problem of lawlessness at Greek universities.

Meanwhile the senate of the Athens University of Economics and Business has called on the “competent state bodies” to stop the drug dealing and taking on the roads around the institution.

POSDEP hit out at the leftist-led government for “relegislating” the asylum law that bans police from entering university grounds after the previous New Democracy government had revoked it.

“The reality we see unfolding today proves our predictions right,” POSDEP said, noting that there had been no need to reinstate the asylum law “as our democracy is firmly established at all levels.” 

“Academic freedom is at risk due to minority groups trying to violently impose their opinion and criminal groups operating on university premises,” the union added.

The anarchist group Rouvikonas yesterday held its weekly meeting at Athens University’s Philosophy School as students embracing the group’s ideas have reportedly joined the sit-in.