Theodorakis overwhelmingly re-elected ‘To Potami’ leader


Stavros Theodorakis, founder and leader of the liberal To Potami (The River) party was re-elected with 93.59 percent of the votes at the conclusion of the party’s 3rd Congress Sunday.

Theodorakis had no opponents in the leadership contest.

Lawmaker George Mavrotas was elected vice-president of the party.

The pro-European, pro-reform party, which won 6.05 percent of the votes and elected 17 MPs in its inaugural national election in January 2015 and dropped to 4.09 percent and 11 MPs in the September 2015 election is now down to 6 MPs after a series of defections and will be hard-pressed to attain the 3 percent threshold needed to be represented in Parliament at the next election, to be held in 2019.