Debate on Greek constitutional revision to start on Nov. 14


The parliamentary debate on the revision of the Greek Constitution will start on November 14, according to a decision by the House's conference of presidents o Monday.

On the same day, the parliament will also decide on the deadline by which the Constitutional Revision Committee, the body responsible for examining the government's proposed amendments, will deliver its report.

The Committee will be set up this week and will be made up of 46 members: 23 lawmakers from ruling SYRIZA, 12 from main opposition New Democracy, three from the Democratic Coalition, two from the Communist Party and Golden Dawn and one from junior coalition partner ANEL, the Union of Centrists, Potami and independent MPs.

The debate will start with the party rapporteurs.

Last week, SYRIZA finalized its proposals for changes to 23 articles of the Constitution, including the separation of the Church and state and changes in the role of the country’s president.

Among the priorities of the review are the “recognition of the religious neutrality of the state” and the granting of the right to citizens to elect a Greek president when parliament is unable to appoint one.