Greek Archbishop asks for clarifications on state’s ‘religious neutrality’


Greek Archbishop Ieronymos called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to clarify what his proposal to establish the “religious neutrality” of the state actually means in terms of its relations with the Church, commenting on the government's plan to revise the Constitution.

“We will have to clarify first what we mean by religious neutrality. I believe the opportunity will be given, I will cooperate,” he said on Monday after a meeting of the Church's Holy Synod.

“I don't know what the prime minister means, he will tell us what he means.”

Ieronymos distinguished between religious neutrality exists in Germany, where he said the Church and the state cooperate smoothly, and France, where the two institutions are at odds. “I wouldn't like that,” he said.

“All this, the constitutional revision and our differences, are an opportunity for us to decide on things that will benefit our people,” he added.