ND leader to present proposals for constitutional revision on Tuesday


The leader of Greece's Conservatives will present New Democracy proposals for the constitutional revision, during a meeting of the party's parliamentary group on Tuesday.

According to ND sources, the party's proposal includes, among others, ensuring a stable electoral circle and completely disconnecting national elections from the election of the President; modernizing the state by adding guarantees to tackle bureaucracy, fragmentation of legislation and bad laws; strengthening the autonomy, role and responsibilities of local government; shielding the independence of Justice and speeding up its awarding; establishing provisions that ensure a stable tax and investment environment; strengthening the autonomy of public universities and establishing private ones and establishing effective evaluation and meritocracy at all levels of public administration.

The party also criticized the timing of the constitutional review, saying the government is using it as a tool to “hide its political decay and the decline to which it has led the country.”

“It it was really interested for a broad, bold and consensual revision it wouldn't bring it to Parliament in a preelection time, when there is no time of the political preconditions for that,” it added.