CCTV footage shows cold-blooded murder of Greek-Australian businessman


Footage from a high-resolution security camera released by Kathimerini shows scenes from the murder of 46-year-old Greek-Australian businessman Yiannis Makris in the southern Athenian suburb of Voula last week.

As depicted by the footage, last Wednesday's armed assault took place just moments after the 46-year-old left his home and climbed into the black Smart car parked outside. The victim had only just sat in the driver's seat when the assassin ran to the vehicle and started shooting Makris through the vehicle's window, almost at point-blank range.

The murderer hid his features behind the visor of a black cap, and wore a two-color sports jacket, as well as black trousers and shows. The footage also shows that the assailant used a silencer so that neighbors would not be instantly alerted to the attack.

The scene of the assassination took just 5 seconds. After being hit by the first bullets, Makris scrambled out of the car and tried to run away. The assailant kept firing as he followed the victim, who only managed to take three of four steps before falling to the ground, dead.

The images depicting the victim as he tries to escape his murder are extremely graphic and not fit for publication.