Four arrested as suspected members of cocaine smuggling ring


Greek police arrested four men believed to be members of a gang that imported cocaine from Western Europe in trucks.

The suspects, two foreign nationals aged 34 and 38 and two Greeks aged 41 and 50, were arrested on Tuesday in a drug enforcement unit operation in Athens and Arta, a town of western Greece.

Police believe the 41-year-old Greek man was responsible for the import of cocaine from the Netherlands to Greece, which was then received by the two foreign nationals who initially stored the drug and then supplied it to the other gang members.

Drugs were eventually distributed to users by taxi, driven by the 50-year-old suspect.

Authorities confiscated 1.6 kilos of cocaine, small quantities of processed and raw cannabis, 12,755 euros and two cars.

In connection to this case, police also arrested a 45-year-old Greek for possession of drugs.

The suspects were led before an Athens prosecutor on Thursday.