Probe launched after Boutaris home vandalized


Police in Thessaloniki have launched an investigation to find the vandal or vandals that splashed red paint and wrote “traitor” on the door of the home of the port city’s mayor, Yiannis Boutaris.

The liberal-centrist official, who has filed a suit against persons unknown over Wednesday night’s incident, struck a defiant tone on Thursday, decrying the “unacceptable behavior of some hotheads.”

“I often receive insulting and threatening calls. I was not intimidated when I was beaten and will not be intimidated now,” he said, referring to a physical assault against him by right-wing extremists in downtown Thessaloniki last May.

Ruling SYRIZA condemned the incident in a statement as an “assault against democracy” and the “work of fascists.”

“The fascists cannot terrorize or frighten anyone. Every democratic citizen must condemn this act,” it said.