Rouvikonas asking for officers’ ID was ‘humiliating,’ says special guards union


The head of the union representing special guards in the Greek Police (ELAS) said on Friday it was “humiliating” to see two colleagues asked to show their police IDs to members to anarchist group Rouvikonas during a stake-out operation in central Athens.

On Thursday, two plainclothes officers reportedly staking out the house of one Rouvikonas group member in Zografou were surrounded by about 20 men and asked to prove they are policemen.

A video of the exchange was posted by the anarchist group on a website.

“This problem starts from very high up,” the head of the union, Stratos Mavroidakos, told television channel ANT1.

“What we’ve been shouting about all this time and nobody listens, is that the situation with this group has gotten out of hand. Our colleagues couldn’t do anything more. They were surrounded by 20 individuals,” he said.

“It is infuriating for us and humiliating for our society to see colleagues being surrounded and forced to show their identification.”