ExxonMobil drillship in Block 10 of Cyprus’s exclusive economic zone


The drillship Stena IceMax, commissioned by US oil giant ExxonMobil to drill for hydrocarbons, has been in Block 10 of Cyprus's exclusive economic zone since Sunday night, according to Cypriot state radio RIK.

The ship went straight to Block 10 without first stopping off at Limassol as had been expected, RIK reported.

Over the next few days, works will be undertaken to stabilize the vessel with drilling expected to start from November 15 to 17 and to last through February 2019.

To facilitate the search, Cyprus issued, early Saturday morning, a navigational telex (navtex) advisory to all ships forbidding them from approaching within 500 meters of Stena IceMax.

Commenting Cypriot government spokesman Prodromos Prdromou accused Turkey of using propaganda and threats to create the impression that the sea south of Cyprus is Turkish or Egyptian and that Cyprus has not exclusive economic zone or rights.