Season’s first snow falls on mountains of Kalambaka


The winter's first snow fell on the mountains of Kalambaka in the central Greek region of Trikala on Friday.

The overnight snowfall was light and continued into Friday morning, according to Dimitris Vourlitsis, deputy mayor of Meteora, the municipality that is home to Greece's historic monastic community.

Greece's meteorological service on Friday said that wet and chilly weather is expected across Greece through the weekend, starting in the west and spreading across the Aegean by Sunday.

The HNMS also warned of gale-force northeasterly winds in the northern and central Aegean on Friday and Saturday, while the Ionian can expect strong easterlies reaching up to 9 on the Beaufort scale.

Snow is also forecast for the highlands of mainland Greece and western Macedonia, in areas like Florina, Ptolemaida and Kozani.