Airlines to provide ELAS with passenger data for crackdown on terrorism, crime


Airline companies operating in Greece will be obliged to provide the Greek Police (ELAS) with details of all passengers traveling in and out of the country for reasons of national security, according to draft legislation that has been prepared by the Citizens' Protection Ministry.

In accordance with the provisions of the bill, which has been submitted to Parliament's public administration and public order committee, airlines will be obliged to supply ELAS with details including the names and addresses of passengers, their travel history and details about their luggage as part of efforts to avert terrorism and serious crime.

The bill aims to align Greek law with European directives allowing authorities access to passenger name records in the interests of curbing terrorism.

The airlines will be obliged to pass on data to ELAS up to two days before the departure of flights and immediately after flights have closed.

Companies failing to comply will face fines of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros per flight.