Strategic dialogue between US, Greece based on five pillars


The strategic dialogue between Greece and the US to take place in Washington on December 13 is seen as the culmination of two years of deepening ties.

Reliable sources have told Kathimerini that the US is banking on the developing relationship as a source of stability in the region.

According to reports, Athens is preparing for talks that will center on five pillars of cooperation set by Washington – defense and security, trade and investments, anti-terrorism policies, energy and the ways in which Greece and the US can contribute to stability in the area stretching from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Balkans and the wider Black Sea region.

The Macedonia name deal also boosted relations, having reportedly shown that Greece is willing to take difficult decisions in the interests of the region.

The government’s extradition of two Russian diplomats last summer was also viewed favorably in Washington, which wants to participate in the trilateral alliance of Greece, Israel and Cyprus.