ND leads 16.5 pct in poll over ruling SYRIZA


Main opposition New Democracy led by a wide margin over ruling SYRIZA according to a November poll issued by Public Issue on Thursday.

Conservatives were 16.5 percentage points ahead of SYRIZA, stabilising their electoral influence slightly below 40 percent (now at 38.5 pct).

The ruling party, following the brief recovery observed in the second half of 2017, has stabilized at a percentage slightly above 20 percent (currently 22 pct).

The center-left party Movement for Change appears united, garnering 9.5 percent of the vote, followed by the Communist Party with 7.5 percent and the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn with 7 percent.

The other opposition parties – Potami, the junior coalition partner Independent Greeks and the Centrist Union – which had collectively garnered 11.2 percent in the last general election in September 2015,  may not be represented in a new parliament.

Each one of them recorded a 2 percent in the poll, below the 3 percent threshold needed to enter parliament.

Based on the findings, the next parliament may be made up of five parties, with SYRIZA securing 56-74 seats (22 pct), ND getting 154-174 seats (38.5 pct), Movement for Change with 22-34 seats (9.5 pct), the Communist Party with 18-26 seats (7.5 pct) and Golden Dawn with 16-25 seats (7 pct).