Stages on the way back to health

The benefits of quitting are not just long-term, but can be felt just a few hours after the last puff: – Nicotine begins to leave the body after the first two hours. – Six hours later, heart rates and arterial pressure, increased by nicotine, return to normal levels. – Twelve hours later, the toxic carbon monoxide contained in tobacco begins to leave the body. – Smell and taste become more acute after 48 hours. – Within two to 12 weeks, the blood’s circulation improves, breathing becomes less strained and walking or running become easier. – After three to nine months, coughing and wheezing begin to subside and the condition of the lungs begins to improve. – Within five years, the risk of suffering a heart attack is halved. – After 10 years, the risk of cancer is half that for active smokers and the risk of a heart attack is equal to that of a non-smoker.