Poll suggests many citizens out of touch with EU matters


One in two Greeks (51 percent) would be more likely to vote in the next European Parliament elections (May 2019) if they were better informed about the European Union and its impact on their daily lives, according to a special Eurobarometer titled “Democracy and Elections,” published on Monday.

The same view was shared by 43 percent of other EU nationals. At the same time, 47 percent of Greeks and 31 percent of other Europeans said they’d like to see more young people standing as candidates.

The survey found that 50 percent of Greeks were concerned about the possibility of elections being manipulated through cyberattacks, while 41 percent said they were not, compared with 61 percent of other EU nationals who said they are worried and 34 percent who said they are not. 

Furthermore, 53 percent of Greeks and 59 percent of other European nationals said they were worried about foreign actors and criminal groups influencing elections covertly, versus 40 percent of Greeks and 37 percent of other Europeans who responded they are not concerned.