OASTH chief sees burglary as attempt to obstruct body’s liquidation


In a statement on Friday, Stelios Pappas, the head of the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization (OASTH) described the burglary of his home on Thursday night as an attempt to hamper efforts to liquidate the company.

The burglary, during which only a laptop was stolen, was "a targeted intervention," Pappas said in a statement.

"The fact that they only took the laptop led me to these suspicions," said the OASTH chief who is the father of Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas.

"In any case, I would like to stress that the process of liquidation will continue with complet transparency," he said, adding that "the citizens of Thessaloniki will be informed of all the de
tails of the findings."

Pappas said that the Financial Police was investigating the case and the Transport Ministry had appealed to the Supreme Court.