German ambassador heralds ‘new chapter’ for investments in Greece

German ambassador heralds ‘new chapter’ for investments in Greece

Germany's ambassador in Greece, Jens Ploetner, sought to end a positive message on the prospects of the Greek economy at the launch in Berlin of a conference about southeastern Europe jointly organized by the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and The Economist.

In comments to the Athens-Macedonia news agency, Ploetner spoke of a "new chapter" for would-be investors in Greece, highlighting in particular the sectors of tourism, renewable energy, medicine, food processing and information technology.

In his comments on the sidelines of the Southeast Europe-Germany Business and Investment Summit, Ploetner stressed that Germany remains Greece's largest trade partner.

Following the country's exit from a third support program in the summer, a new chapter has opened for investments, he said, adding that the country offered "many attractive investment opportunities, which German companies are already successfully capitalizing on."