Peter Swift: ‘We haven’t relaxed our vigilance’

«Posidonia 2004 was another successful exhibition that brought together people from the global industry of cargo shipping,» Peter Swift, general manager of Intertanko (International Association of Independent Tanker Owners), told Kathimerini. «I had an opportunity to meet most of the top executives of the large companies that are members of Intertanko, and we had important exchanges of views on matters that concern the oil-tanker sector. «The market may be healthy, but that doesn’t mean we have relaxed our vigilance. We are always on the move, studying developments and trying to keep ahead of them. I would like to note the very interesting views expressed by International Maritime Organization Secretary Efthymios Mitropoulos and Epaminondas Embirikos, chairman of the London-based Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee, who emphasized the measures that must be taken to ensure the security of ships and international shipping. I’ll be back in Greece soon, of course, since most of our members are Greek companies, and I’m waiting for Posidonia 2006,» added Swift, who is well known to Kathimerini from his interviews published in the international shipping press.