In attack on US Embassy, anarchist group Rouvikonas hurls red paint


A group of vandals belonging to the anarchist group Rouvikonas hurled red paint at the US Embassy in Athens in the early hours of Monday morning.

The attack took place at 3.30 a.m. when the assailants lobbed bottles and balloons full of paint at the embassy's parking area, on the junction of Dorileou and Makedonon streets, before fleeing on scooters.

Police detained eight people for questioning after the incident.

Shortly after that Rouvikonas claimed responsibility for the hit on an anti-establishment website, noting that it happened at 3.30 on January 6 – 24 hours earlier than it did. Police sources believe this might indicate that it had been planned to happen earlier and for some reason was put off to Monday morning.

The claim condemns "American imperialism" and in particular to the role of the US via the International Monetary Fund and the situation in Syria. It also links the US to the political situation in Greece.